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2010, 2017

6 Best Practices to Win at Social Media Promotion

Increased exposure and traffic are the top two benefits of social media promotion cited by marketers in the 2017 Social Media Marketing Industry Report . To gain those advantages, and more, for your business, consider [...]

2010, 2017

4 common mistakes that tank responsive mobile conversion

About a decade ago, almost everyone who accessed the internet used a desktop computer. Just two screen sizes accounted for 77% of all web usage in 2006. This pattern has completely shifted. Research by mobify.com [...]

2010, 2017

The Cost of App Development

1. Overview Whether you wish to create a new revenue stream, enhance an existing service or craft a branded experience for customers, an app makes the perfect solution for your business. The growth of the [...]

910, 2017

Mobile magic

In recent years, we have seen a market increase in mobile usage. In 2017, 66 per cent of Britons used their mobile phone to browse the internet 33 per cent will leave a website if [...]

910, 2017

What Mobile Apps, Millennials Reveal About Restaurants

From a consumer point of view, mobile apps are created to make their life better. There is no doubt that quick-service restaurants have evolved since they first appeared on the food service horizon. Chains that [...]

910, 2017

Is mobile app marketing effective in increasing sales?

Marketers are harnessing the power of mobile apps to increase sales and widen customer database. Most of them believe the mobile app budgets will increase in the coming years to achieve this purpose. Mobile apps [...]

910, 2017

Mobile first is not mobile only

If your website is the front door for your audiences — most importantly prospective and current students — then mobile is the driveway. Consider these points to make it the best possible experience. 1. Mobile [...]

910, 2017

10 Proven Steps to Launch a Mobile App successfully

While the Mobile Apps business is at the boom and is expanding by leaps and bounds, the competition in the industry is getting cutthroat. It has become very important for developers to ensure the high [...]

910, 2017

Mobile Marketing and the New B2B Buyer

In the B2B marketplace, mobile is moving fast. Despite the complexity of B2B purchasing, more and more buyers are using smartphones, and mobile’s influence is reshaping the B2B purchase pathway. This is creating substantial opportunities [...]

910, 2017

Mobile Engagement Market Worth 38.70 Billion USD by 2023

According to the recent research report "Mobile Engagement Market by User Type (SME, LSE), Solution (SMS & MMS, Push Notification, In-App Messaging, E-mail, App/Web Content), Vertical (Financial Services, Retail, Travel & Hospitality, Telecom & IT), [...]

910, 2017

Check in on mobile, or check out of business

According to WhatIs.com , mobile marketing is 'promotional activity designed for delivery to cell phones, smartphones, and other handheld devices, usually as a component of a multi-channel campaign'. Or, we could go with the simpler [...]

910, 2017

10 Ways To Excel In Your Digital Marketing Efforts

Technology like smartphones and wearables are helping consumers to stay connected always. This has resulted in a seismic shift in the marketing as well. It has become important to understand the tactics of succeeding in [...]

910, 2017

Organizing your company to win in mobile

Nearly every company I’ve spoken with is experiencing some form of a crisis of confidence when it comes to their investment in mobile — from retail to media apps. Don’t be fooled by the plethora [...]

910, 2017

10 mobile marketing trends to watch in 2017

Thinkstock Interest in mobile apps (with the exception of messaging app) appears to be fading. Location-based marketing may help retailers and other brands bring in customers. And the speed at which your mobile website loads [...]

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