How to Make Digital Advertising Mobile Friendly

< All Articles    t has recently been reported that three-quarters of the people who live in the United States hold phones in their pockets. It’s almost obvious that marketers from all over the place now commit more time, money, and effort in their mobile advertising campaigns rather than sticking to the basic digital ones. In fact, Wall Street Journal studies suggest that more than half of digital advertising is now mobile.The same studies report a noticeable 77% “boom” increase in the budgets spent on mobile advertisements in 2016. We’re in 2017.In case your company hasn’t already implemented mobile marketing strategies for present and future use, I’m asking you – what are you waiting for? Many marketers omit to include mobile marketing campaigns in their overall business strategy because they don’t even understand what it involves. Simply put, mobile marketing is basically marketing that happens via mobile devices. These devices could be smart phones, PDAs, or tablets. This, let’s call it… promotional activity has different characteristics compared to the desktop marketing one. Some of the most significant differences: With mobile advertising, you can target your audience based on their location more accurately and in more ways. In-App […]

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