Visual Search: Looking Beyond Image SEO Marketing

I want to tell you a story about a young Google algorithm. He was born blind, in a world where a picture is worth a thousand searches. This little algorithm had one dream. To be able to see. So he got his friends to describe him images, but still he couldn’t see. He built magical Google Goggles, but these didn’t work. Then one day, he built a learning machine and finally, after years of struggle, he could recognize images. That little algorithm who could is named visual search and has taken on a job as the world’s personal shopper. Image Searches Are Now Commonplace Look at the two options below, which is more useful if you wanted to buy a handbag? Slyce asked that question to consumers. 74 percent of them replied that text-based keyword searches are inefficient in helping to find the right product online. A 2017 report by Jumpshot & Moz further supports that discovery through pictures is alive and well, with around 27 percent of all searches being for images. MozCast reports image blocks in around 11 percent of Google results. While Jumpshots’ data shows images earn 3 percent of all Google search clicks. Image SEO: […]

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