A shopper marketing conundrum: Providing a personalized mobile experience at scale

Photo: iStock.com By Matt McGinty , chief revenue officer, Fiksu DSP As marketers, we’ve heard it before and we’ll hear it again: successful marketing is all about delivering the right ads to the right person at the right time. In the retail environment, especially, delivering the right ads on the right platform plays a crucial role in positively influencing a customer’s overall shopping experience, which can drastically differ depending on the location. Big box stores, local supermarkets and convenience stores all offer very different in-store experiences to shoppers, so reaching shoppers on the platforms they use most plays a pivotal role. Targeting shoppers via mobile based on their shopping habits can improve the consumers’ relationship with the brand, whether they’re picking up toothpaste at the convenience store or doing their weekly grocery shopping at their favorite local grocer. Retail advertising has a multitude of factors playing into the success or failure of a campaign, including reaching customers online and in-store and merging those touch points to give the shopper the best possible experience. From paper towels to cereal, shoppers want to see ads that are tailored to them and fit their own needs, even for the most basic of […]

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