Four Common Causes Of Mobile Marketing Strategy Triage

This article is by Lisa Nirell, who advises CMOs through peer group programs and speaking engagements. She is the author of The Mindful Marketer . Shutterstock In a previous career, I belonged to a sales effectiveness "SWAT team." My employer—a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software company—would shuttle me to their top customers on a moment’s notice. The situation was tense because the customer was ready to pull the plug on their sizable software investment. The Chairman of the Board or CEO had placed a multimillion dollar bet, and they were losing. As the triage team, it was our job to quickly find the root cause of low user software adoption, help the client recover their investment, and save face with their stakeholders. These stressful assignments taught me a lot about the human condition. It was like getting a Ph.D. in change management. Today, CMOs migrating to a "mobile first" culture are facing the same trial by fire. These are four areas where marketing leaders fall short when designing and deploying mobile strategies: Putting your company ahead of your customer. I’ve often heard CMOs ask "what kind of app should we develop? What features should it include?" This will send […]

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