Mobile Marketing First

2017: The Year of Mobile Search Experience Google’s mobile-first 2018 is the most strategic move for years. The purpose of this blog page is to illustrate how SEO will change on mobile devices and tablets alike. Save this link , as Google’s tool will be available for months or years to come. Mobile Digital and Local SEO are now all about Search Experience Optimization. User Experience, Mobility, Website performance & speed, On-site engagement, Site availability, Mobile SEO and Marketing First Mobile Fever The mobile-first index will be launched during the course of 2018 . Google will communicate about this major change, as it will affect user’s digital experience and rankings in search results. SERPs will increase in quality and pertinence. Website performances and users’ search experience will be part of mobile and local SEO, along with regular factors: Artificial intelligence, Content quality, Content updates, Freshness of content, Genuine and quality backlinks from leading (or not) websites, On-page links & optimization, Off-page optimization, Social signals, Social engagement of your community members, Regular social media marketing, Press relationships, Strategic partnerships… These 17 items will be a game changer during your digital transformation . Your team has to integrate that users’ experience […]

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