Tips to Planning Your Mobile Marketing Strategy in 2017

Currently, there are more than 2 billion smartphone users in the world. Since humans are more likely to have a mobile device in their possession than a desktop, it is best for the marketers to start building a mobile marketing strategy. The future of mobile marketing is now. Click here to get a free consultation with our marketing experts. CMO spending in 2017 will revolve around mobile-first strategy. From designing mobile-first landing pages to providing interactive web content across social media channels, mobile marketing is a dominant force. WHAT DO THE NUMBERS SAY ABOUT MOBILE MARKETING? On an average, every user looks at the phone 46 times a day. With more than 90% of mobile phone users glued to the screens for most part of the day, mobile marketing is the quintessential activity every marketer should explore in order to churn new ways of engaging audience and maximizing ROI from their marketing campaigns. Marketers are investing heavily on digital ads and Mobile ad spending in 2016 alone has been projected to touch US $50 billion – representing more than a 400% increase from 2013. By 2020, the mobile ad spending will cross $100 billion outbidding TV ad spending. Currently, […]

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