10 Things to Know When Designing Mobile Apps

You thought of the perfect app with the perfect name and appearance. Well then, it is time to consider all the nitty-gritty details and to put sleeves up. Unfortunately, designing a mobile app is easier said than done, so you may start preparing for some long and challenging work. So, which is the most important factor for the success of one app? Designers would choose UI and they would not be wrong-it is not rare for the overall impact to depend on the first impression. 1. Think of places where your app may be used The fact that you are designing a mobile app doesn’t have to mean it is going to be used in every place and every occasion. You need to be particular about the places where users will access your app. Believe it or not; this can affect the way in which you design your app. For example, if you designed a geo-location app which works with GPS, and it is meant to be used while walking, make sure that its basic functions are highly visible and easily accessible. Likewise, if you have an app used for online purchase of products/services, include ‘buy’ or ‘delivery’ buttons, […]

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