Mobile Marketing: Don’t Miss the Moment

Marketers have long wanted to get inside the heads of their customers. Getting onto the smartphones they hold in their hands may be the next best thing. According to a Bain & Company survey, people interact with their phones an average of 13 times per hour. That means during the 16 hours or so people are awake, they’re doing something with their phones more than 200 times per day . People use their devices for communication, information, entertainment, socializing—and, more and more, they are consulting their phones whenever they’re in the market to buy a product or service. Many consumers, particularly millennials, now use their smartphones for most—and sometimes all—the steps involved in making a purchase. They research and compare products, check reviews, hunt for bargains and coupons, buy, pay and arrange delivery. Even consumers who purchase their products someplace else—on their PCs, on their tablets or in a physical store—often start the buying process on their phones. Some 70% of smartphone users do research on their phones prior to making a purchase in a physical store, according to a survey by Google. And the evidence suggests that when smartphone users shop, they buy. Already loyal customers find mobile […]

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