What Google’s Mobile First Update Means for Your Marketing Strategy

Google has at last rolled out a “mobile first” algorithm that favors smart phone users over desktop audiences. This may be the most revolutionary update since Hummingbird, and the transition will come with some exciting features that will enhance user experience, changing the way you think about seo and digital marketing . Understanding the Mechanics Artificial intelligence has become so unnervingly advanced that Siri and Cortana have their own fan clubs. Google needed to get up to speed with a task far more complex: developing a bot that surfed the web precisely like human mobile users do. This required building blocks more sophisticated than Siri’s, but Google has made significant strides with its mobile-first update. Sites that aren’t mobile-friendly or responsive may lose their rank. To retain your digital footprint, your site must: Exclude software and code that’s uncommon on smartphones Be readable without the help of a zoom tool Have links that are spaced in a way that makes tapping easy Make horizontal scrolling unnecessary Have mobile-friendly, e-commerce tools Responsive design is the only rational way forward if you’re creating a new site. It’s more economical than developing a mobile version that will need to be upgraded in […]

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