What Makes Content for Mobile so Unique?

Mobile represents around 65% of digital media time, while desktops are becoming a secondary touch point for more digital users. We can no longer assume that readers will be consuming a majority of a business’s marketing efforts on their desktops or laptops but instead from mobile devices. Users may only be reading half way through content due to the constant distractions that comes with mobiles such as push notifications from apps and buzzes from text messages and emails. Readers on the go want bite-sized information that will serve them at every moment. However, if a web page or an email hasn’t been optimised for mobile devices, according to Google, 61% of users are unlikely to return to that site if they have trouble accessing it. A McKinsey and Company report also states that 41% of those users then go on to visit a competitors site instead. Mobile devices represent a large part of our everyday lifestyle, it’s a unique device with connections to our family, friends and co-workers. It’s also a fully personalised device with apps that fit our needs and has the speed and accessibility to search for information on the move. Over 50% of users look at […]

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