How Mobile Marketing Advancements Influence the Car-Buying Process

Provide interested online shoppers the data, tools, and processes they need to inform and capture mobile engagement The message-delivery methods to automotive consumers have drastically changed over the past couple of decades, when customer retention and acquisition was not much of a science. Beyond crudely targeting markets geographically, the best chance you had for focused advertising was zip-based, prescreen mailers and localized print media. Broadcasting, a “ye olde” nautical term, was appropriate casting as far and wide as one could for the least amount of spend. The emergence of the iPhone and other smartphones have changed the world, and one of the last bastions of big ticket retail now has the majority of shopping activity on these devices—automotive. Why? Consumers now shop in multimedia and multi-channel environments. It seems like just yesterday auto dealers were getting their arms around shoppers being stimulated by a TV ad, researching it on a PC, or picking up their tablets to browse inventories, and ultimately dialing up the dealer on a mobile phone. Mobile devices, however, have advanced tremendously in the past few years and are now able to cover all platforms, integrated relatively seamlessly with comparable speeds to PCs and tablets. Add […]

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