Will Retailers Dump CPC for ‘Cost-Per-Visit’ Advertising?

Analysis The ability to measure the influence of digital media on offline activity and the increasing integration of the digital and physical worlds is a compelling and even profound development with significant implications, writes the LSA’s Greg Sterling. According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau, digital ad spending by retailers represents 21 percent of all online ad revenue. It’s the largest single industry category worth almost $16 billion in 2016. Several companies are now courting retailers and their agencies with “Cost-Per-Visit” (CPV) ad models that charge, as the name suggests, only for store visits. Once companies were able, using mobile devices, to start measuring store visitation it was only a matter of time before CPV models appeared. Earlier this year, GroundTruth (formerly xAd) was the first to introduce CPV for mobile marketers, arguing it offered search-like purchase intent. Placed is providing third-party verification of actual visits. Almost immediately thereafter, Retale introduced a similar “guaranteed visits” model for retail advertisers (with Placed also providing validation). Here the company doesn’t charge on a per-visit basis, but guarantees a pre-determined number of visitors for a price. The common theme is that the advertiser only pays for customers in store. Blis also offers CPV, […]

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