Creating a successful mobile app

Almost everyone you know, under a certain age, probably owns a Smartphone or tablet. Whether it’s an iPhone, iPad or an android, mobile apps and games are incredibly popular. If you’re keen to get into the market of mobile games, hurry, it’s a market that’s growing by the day. Here are a few ways to get your app off the ground and make money from it. Concept You may already have an idea for your app. If you don’t; a niche market is a good place to start because you’ll be one of only a handful, not several thousand. People will take an interest in something if it fulfills a want or need and captures their attention. Appearance No matter how good your app is, it needs to look good. In a superficial world, putting a good face on just about anything means people are more likely to buy it. Research Whether you already have your idea, or it’s still a work in progress, do your research. Find out what people look for in an app, how many similar apps already exist, and whether yours will stand out. If there are too many lookalikes, it’s unlikely to take off. […]

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