How To Design Mobile Friendly Email Campaigns

0 0 There are higher chances for your emails to receive good opening rates if you’re following mobile friendly email campaigns. These days, a majority of individuals prefer to open their emails on smartphones or tablets than on computer desktops. According to a recent count offered by Litmus, almost 53 percent of emails are opened on mobile devices. In a similar research, Movable Ink suggests 67 percent of emails on average are opened on mobile. Different studies offer different results, but the trend remains the same. Responsive email design is the new cool. Below listed are a few tips to design email campaigns that are mobile friendly. Tips for Mobile Friendly Email Campaigns Leading marketers have started hiring designers to optimize emails for mobile by making it user-friendly. When you use best email practices and clean design, your campaigns will surely receive increased open and click-through rates. Even if you’re not willing to hire a designer, create your emails in a way, which look appealing on mobile as well as on the desktop. The bottom line is, do not miss bigger marketing opportunities by not following the trend of responsive email design . Make First Three Seconds Highly Appealing […]

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