How to Optimize Your Social Media Marketing for Mobile Devices

Even though people spend increasingly more time consuming media on their mobile devices, advertising on this channel is still largely underinvested. Find out how to leverage this opportunity by optimizing your social media marketing strategy for mobile. Mobile is becoming an increasingly popular channel for your customers to get online and spend their time. In the US alone, an average user spends over three hours per day consuming digital media on mobile – a growth of nearly 4x over just the past five years. And it’s well known that a large share of that time is spent on social media. However, mobile ad spend is still relatively low in comparison to how much time consumers spend on their devices. According to Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends 2017, there’s space for another US$16 billion in ad spend on mobile – a great opportunity for marketers willing to leverage this channel for social media advertising. So how do marketers make the most of this opportunity? 1. Understand How and When Customers Use Mobile Mobile is a unique medium that greatly varies from desktop in terms of how content is consumed. That’s why you need a mobile-specific approach, not a duplicate of your […]

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