Trade Show Marketing with Mobile Wallet Passes

Last week, I gave a talk at a trade show in Vancouver. As you might expect, I addressed the topic, mobile marketing, from the point of view of building up distribution through mobile, similarly the way an email list is built. I was on a panel with email marketers with large email lists. A mobile wallet pass is similar to an email list that engages and needs nurtures, providing a mobile culture in trade show marketing that attendees and exhibitors crave. As I took the microphone during the panel, I educated my audience “that mobile wallet marketing is more than just “building a list” continuing on “..It’s not just building a list but a mobile-first culture that engages with both prospects and clients.” I pull out my iPhone and asked everyone to pull out there’s turn on AirPlay and add a mobile wallet pass to their Apple Wallet, we were done in all of 10 seconds. I further explained that during the rest of the day, walking through the conference, I’ll remind you of my location and the location of my booth- all with mobile updates that are seen right on the lock screen. “Growing these loyal users where […]

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