Brace for New Mobile Experiences, But Remember Fundamentals

Marketers must embrace which mobile apps users mostly engage. Marketers can improve their customers’ mobile experiences by ensuring those experiences are connected to the rest of their engagement systems. Michael Trapani, product marketing leader at IBM Watson Marketing, shared that tip during the CMSWire-IBM webinar, "The Very Strange Future of Mobile: Prepare for the Effects of New Technologies on Mobile Interaction." No Need for Mobile Drama Exciting, new technologies for mobile debut regularly. Mobile experiences in virtual and augmented reality are now, well, realities, Trapani said. "As we’re building marketing experiences we need to start to think about how to build in those realms," Trapani said of virtual and augmented reality experiences. Leaders in mobile experiences will be those that embrace virtual and augmented realities to get a "leg up," he said. "It’s a fascinating space," Trapani said, "and mobile plays a big part." Embracing new tech is good. However, Trapani said, many marketers still struggle with the fundamentals. The first step? Instead of doing anything dramatic, start by making sure you connect the mobile experience and analytics to all other applications in the enterprise. Focus on the entire customer journey rather than on just individual campaigns, he continued. […]

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