Embracing the age of influencers: How marketers can unlock mobile’s creative potential

Despite the rapid flow of advertising dollars to digital, most particularly mobile, television will continue to hold on to brand awareness budgets and cache unless advertisers, agencies and media owners tackle some home truths. Could influence be the key to unlocking mobile’s creative potential and take up to $20 billion in digital brand advertising dollars? Magna predicts that by 2021 global mobile ad spend will increase to $215 billion – or 72% of the total digital market. It is indicative of how consumers today are living – mobile now accounts for about 65% of total digital media consumption, with comScore suggesting that the average American adult spends a staggering 2 hours 51 minutes on their smartphone every day. Yet such figures belie a fundamental truth advertisers face: simply, that most advertising on mobile is a terrible experience for the user, interrupting their targets on this most personal of devices and environments. Targeting and platforms may be solved but the ad format has not. Little wonder that approximately two-thirds of marketers cite influencer marketing as a core strategy. Of those remaining, most have tried it and are actively looking to increase their spend, according to emarketer. Influencer marketing company WHOSAY […]

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