September Q&A: Mobile Marketing Provides a Constant Customer Connection

Three automotive experts explain how mobile done right drives new sales while building loyalty and repeat business With smartphones and other mobile devices, we’ve reached the point where when we see someone who isn’t going through life constantly connected, we think they’re some sort of Luddite contrarian. Pew Research from earlier this year reveals that 77% of American adults now own smartphones, and almost half of the U.S. public owns some kind of tablet. And those numbers are much higher for younger demographics, especially millennials, who made up 29% of the car-buying market in 2016, according to J.D. Power and Associates. You know where we’re going with this. If you’re selling vehicles in 2017, you have to be marketing to and connecting with your potential buyers via the medium they favor—and that’s clearly mobile. Of course, none of this is news to you, and your dealership’s website and communications have undoubtedly been moving toward mobile for at least the past two or three years. But are you doing enough? Is your dealership’s expansion into mobile meeting your customers’ needs and expectations at the same time it’s expanding your marketing reach? A mobile-friendly website is a must, but it’s only […]

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