Why is mobile marketing so important?

Whilst mobile marketing can be seen by some as a ‘trend’ it is fast becoming an integral part of online marketing. It is an indispensable strategy that all businesses should be using if they want to reach the maximum number of potential customers. In 2014, mobile internet users overtook desktop-based internet users, and since then the use of mobile devices to access the internet, research products, and services and even make direct purchases has increased exponentially and continues to grow daily. Here are some facts about mobile marketing that might surprise you: Mobile commerce is bigger than you think – Online shopping and e-commerce took the world by storm ten years ago and mobile commerce is the logical next evolution. If your website is not optimised for mobile, Google knows and places you further down the ranks in its algorithm, which greatly affects your SEO. More and more people are making purchases directly from their mobile devices rather than their computers. Mobile commerce is now a $142 billion industry and it’s growing so fast it’s expected to double in the next four years. Mobile marketing actually drives in-store sales – of course not everyone wants to shop online and […]

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