10 Content Marketing Mistakes Nearly Every Amateur Makes

Before I knew anything about content marketing , I wondered what all the fuss was about. I couldn’t understand why anyone would spend such a long time writing out content and why it needed to be formatted in a certain way. What I understand now though, is that content marketing should be front and centre of your inbound marketing strategy . Not only will it provide tons of awesome traffic to your website or blog, it also shows you are an expert in that niche. Done right, your content will be shared thousands of times and will be referenced by other authors in your space. So, why do so many get this wrong? The vast majority of old-school marketers don’t like the word “ automation ” (I’m sure it keeps them up at night). It seems as though you’re not actually being social, if you automate social media tasks. I obviously disagree with this point of view. Personally, I think there should be some things you automate and other things you shouldn’t. Sharing your content doesn’t need to be done manually for the simple fact that the people reading your content wouldn’t be able to tell the difference, whether […]

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