3 holiday marketing hacks

Labor day has come and gone and kids across the country have swapped beach towels and bathing suits for backpacks and sneakers as they prepare for the year ahead. Marketers, too, have shifted their focus from back-to-school savings to the long holiday season build-up. Whether or not they hit it big with back-to-school, retailers will be looking to improve for the upcoming holiday season and marketers could learn a lot from back-to-school’s biggest successes and failures. A recent study from cognitive content platform Persado looked into back-to-school campaign subject lines over the last three years to provide brands with insight on what’s resonating best with customers. Many of the findings may inform marketers’ holiday strategies, Ryan Deutsch, senior vice president of global customer success at Persado, told Retail Dive. "The approach is not dissimilar. For example, if I know I have a household with three kids and I know the ages of the kids, I have a way to communicate in a hyper-targeted way," Deutsch said. "In both back to school and holiday, you should be leveraging those insights in the exact same way." Here are the three biggest holiday hacks marketers should consider as the holiday season arrives. […]

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