4 Reasons Why Using Instagram Has Become a Marketing Necessity

Is your business active on Instagram? Are you leveraging it to build your personal brand ? While it was once one of many possible social media platforms to market your product or service, you now need to allocate a large percentage of your social media effort toward it. Instagram is no longer an option — it’s a necessity. When Mark Zuckerberg acquired Instagram for $1 billion back in April of 2012, many were left scratching their heads, as the app was less than two years old. Looking back, Zuckerberg stole it. It’s now valued at $50 billion, and Instagram’s co-founder and CEO Kevin Systrom is now a billionaire — thanks to the stock’s growth, his estimated net worth went from $280 million to $1.1 billion . Most social media platforms eventually slow down and some disappear into the sunset. Twitter stock has been a rollercoaster , with the majority of the ride descending, and some networks, like MySpace, are all but distant memories (RIP). Instagram is a completely different animal — it’s not going anywhere. It’s owned by Facebook, has a massive user base that continues to grow and makes money. Instagram’s 2016 ad revenue is estimated to double […]

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