Creative Considerations for Videos in the Mobile Feed

What do you think about this? Interesting Not Interesting Share Tweet The last time you made a video for social media, did you keep mobile users in mind? For the majority of businesses, the answer to this question would be “no.” Social media is already mobile-optimized after all—why should your social video not automatically be optimized for mobile? As it turns out, there are several important creative considerations to keep in mind when you’re creating Facebook mobile videos. This goes for both video ad campaigns and Facebook mobile videos that will just show up in your feed organically. In this post, we’re going to take a look at how mobile audiences differ in video usage from desktop audiences, and several creative considerations you need to keep in mind to increase viewer retention rates and engagement. How is a Mobile Audience Different than a Desktop One? Mobile audiences are just as likely to watch videos in their Facebook newsfeed as desktop audiences. Despite this, mobile audiences have slight differences from desktop audiences that are worth considering. The first is that the person may actually be mobile. This means that they’ll be more distracted because they might literally be on the […]

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