How to Grow Your Email, Mobile, and Social Audiences [#Infographic]

How to Grow Your Email, Mobile, and Social Audiences This infographic can help you grow your email, mobile, and social audiences When it comes to expanding your email, mobile, and social audiences, unlocking the key to engagement can seem impossible. Pardot has created an infographic entitled “How to Grow Your Email, Mobile, and Social Audiences” detailing the results of Exact Target’s “Subscribers, Fans and Followers research series which explores the different types of customer engagement platforms worked best for marketers. If you are part of your company’s marketing department, you probably have experience with email, social media, mobile marketing, and executive oversight. But which of these is most effective? When it comes to the quality of audience members added, Twitter and email top the list. For quantity of audience members, Twitter and a mobile app tied for first. Overall, the best “Return on Investment”, or ROI, was found with email. When it comes to creating emails that engage and encourage your customer’s involvement, this infographic details the tactics your marketing should adopt. And social media involvement is important too. From social media objectives to tactics and advertising, this infographic gives you tips on what to focus on when it […]

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