Incorporating GIF in digital marketing strategy can even go wrong: 5 scenarios?

GIF is one of the next big thing and when it comes to digital marketing strategy, then it has been regarded as the top-notch digital marketing strategy. There are plethoras of advantages that these GIFs offer. To be on the same wavelength, it must easily accommodate casual acquaintances. But while dealing with digital marketing strategy and adding GIF as one of the ingredients can somehow go wrong in some situations. Currently, working in Mobile app Development technology and we can’t rely on GIF 100%. It’s not that we doubt on the technology, but there are some features of suitability which can ruin the million dollar strategy within a couple of moments. Situation1: GIF couldn’t define target market properly While you are prioritising GIF in order to promote digital marketing, it is quite indispensable to understand the potential target audience. Although considering the target market audience is taken into consideration during the planning phase. It is equally applicable in case of GIF. For instance, you are dealing with taxi app but have created GIF on “steps to make your cheeks rosy” would not cater anything to your target audience. So, it is quite essential to chalk out strategy in order […]

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