Levers to Attract Mobile Consumers

We have witnessed a shift in how business is done, how companies are created, how they connect with people and make themselves known, and how they interact with their customers. Technology , data, and content are becoming key levers in an environment where speed is driving a new consumer-dominated economy. Marketing must also adapt to this digitized world, where businesses have new capabilities thanks to online platforms and search engines that make it possible to employ geolocation, connect with people on social media, and manage big data. New speech-recognition capabilities have prompted sectors such as the automotive industry to start exploring the possibilities of human-machine interaction, which allows drivers to get directions or control household devices via a virtual assistant. Clear progress is being made in the application of these technologies in the business world. From the viewpoint of the platforms, a great battle is being waged over operating systems, search engines, content, e-commerce, and social media, as well as iCloud, artificial intelligence (AI), and the Internet of things. Very soon, Google and Facebook will no longer simply lead people to particular websites; they will make it possible to shop online without leaving their platforms. Technologies that will eventually […]

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