Marketing analytics strengthen your brand story.

When it comes to storytelling, many brands struggle with shaping their story into a rewarding and mutually beneficial engagement with their high-value audiences. The reason? Not making the data they collect work for them. Today’s brands are collecting data at unprecedented levels. But turning that data into a great customer experience takes an analytics toolset that helps you make sense of your metrics. Marketing analytics reveals the who, when, where, and why in the data that flows to your web and mobile properties. Customers are interacting with your brand in so many ways. They’re on an average of seven devices a day, whether on mobile, desktop, or TV. They’re also in your stores, at your events, and contacting your call centers. With your audiences engaging with you in so many ways, it’s important to measure how your campaigns are performing in order to deliver a consistent and personal experience across all channels. But telling your story isn’t just about targeting channels — it’s also about targeting people. When they move from smartphone to tablet, and from tablet to desktop, analytics follow their footprints. More importantly, marketing analytics allow you to react immediately to the steps along the journey and […]

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