Mobile devices command 57 percent of Google search traffic

Users are increasingly turning to their mobiles and tablets to search the internet according to a new report that finds mobile devices now account for 57 percent of Google search traffic. BrightEdge – the search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing provider – also report that search traffic can be different for mobiles and desktops. Consumers are increasingly turning to smartphones when they want to act on a need, learn or buy something. Image: pixabay -1868730 They found that entering the same query into the same search engine gave different rankings on mobile and desktop 79 percent of the time. That is, while the search might return the same sites on mobile and desktop, there was a 79 percent difference in the order in which they were listed. Just looking at the top 20 positions showed that 47 percent of the results occupied different ranking positions on mobile compared with desktop search results. Different content on mobile and desktop When they analyzed Google search traffic in June, BrightEdge found that not only does the search engine rank mobile results differently to desktop ones, it is also “surfacing different content across mobile and desktop 23 percent of the time.” BrightEdge […]

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