Nick Kohlschreiber – AdBoom Discusses How Smart Apps Defined Mobile Marketing in 2017

ACCESSWIRE Forbes reported back in February that over the course of 2016, the increased use of personalized content inside push notifications boosted user engagement with mobile apps by 400%. In addition, custom send times for these notifications based on when the user is most active raised retention rates by over 400%. Modern marketing expert, Nick Kohlschreiber , predicts that as developers continue to understand how customers interact with their favorite apps and integrate more automation tools using artificial intelligence, these “Smart Apps” will come to define mobile advertising strategies. Driven by new marketing centric technologies including chatbots, predictive analytics, and intelligent automation, these innovative applications are creating a fundamental shift in how consumers interact with their mobile devices. Modern apps already have the ability to personalize content down to the individual user, as opposed to broader segments. With advanced predictive analytics, a customer’s desires will soon be anticipated before they are even expressed. Some of the most widely used apps in the world, including Amazon, Foursquare, and, are already taking advantage of this powerful technology on a daily basis with product, destination, and music recommendations based on recent activity. Thanks to complex algorithms of previous user choices and […]

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