The ultimate glossary of mobile marketing

The ultimate glossary of mobile marketing This post originally appeared on the BidMotion Mobile Marketing blog here , authored by Amanda Mehtala, Marketing and Communications at BidMotion. The recent and consistently innovative field of mobile marketing comes with its own colorful lexicon. Confused by the massive amounts of industry jargon and key acronyms that come with mobile marketing? Let’s face it, we all can use a concise glossary from time to time; whether you are new to the space and need to learn basic terminology, or are a veteran having come across an unfamiliar term. Here we take you through the major terms and acronyms in the mobile marketing ecosystem. Is there a term not mentioned that you would like us to include? Tweet @bidmotion and let us know! A API — Application Programming Interface Code allowing two software platforms to communicate with one another, used as a set of protocols and definitions to integrate multiple programs harmoniously Android Mobile operating system developed by Google; currently the most popular system on a global basis ARPU — Average revenue per user A metric used to measure revenue earned, defined as total revenue divided by the number of users/subscribers ARPPU — […]

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