Things you must consider when marketing your mobile app

Mobile app design isn’t only about building the physical app. It’s about getting that critical EARLY adoption as well. In April, Webcoda took a look at what it takes to get your app up and running from the technical side of things. We continue the conversation towards truly successful mobile app design adoption with examining what you need to get people using it. Hold onto your mobile app designs people, it’s about to get very exciting marketing wise at Webcoda Mobile App design is a three step process Many companies like to think the mobile app process begins and end with development. In actuality, this is only a third of the journey. The next two steps are equally important. And they ensure you have to place a high level of thought into the app design in the first place. When you consider mobile app design, you need to think about: How do I build this to meet the customer needs? How do I promote it properly so it receives downloads? How do I ensure that the app I’ve built remains useful? There is also a mini step between the download and maintenance phase of getting people to open it […]

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