To mobile consumers, impatience is a virtue: How the on-demand economy is reshaping micro-moments

Impatience is a virtue. This just might be the mantra for today’s connected consumer. They live in an on-demand economy where, with a few taps and swipes of their mobile device, they can have what they want, when they want it. As more devices and apps deliver instant gratification, the more it sets a new standard for customer expectations. Now, businesses in every industry will have to cater to “right now” consumers in mobile-first micro-moments or risk missing these critical engagement opportunities. It’s not the customer’s fault. They didn’t set out to expect everything whenever, wherever. But new technologies such as geo-location, mobile, social and always-on connectivity empowered consumers to get access to information and services on-demand. For better or for worse, this influenced consumer behavior beyond the point of no return. Brands must invest in micro-moments via anticipatory and relevant content and offer tailored, on-demand services to win. In other words, be there, be quick, be useful for a highly connected, mobile and self-interested consumer. May I have your intention please? Customers expect brands to know their intentions on the spot Did you know that compared to two years ago, smartphone users are 50 percent more likely to […]

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