Top 10 marketing trends every marketer should follow in 2018

As technology marches forward and more and more of Generation Z and millennials come of age, establishing a greater foothold in the marketplace, brands will need to ditch much of marketing’s conventional wisdom and adapt to marketing trends that will dominate 2018. Brands who disregard recent innovations in social media, the internet, artificial intelligence, and virtual and augmented reality as well as rapidly changing consumer behaviors will surely fall behind. Influencer Marketing Chatbots Artificial Intelligence Augmented and Virtual Reality Personalization Native Advertising Mobile Video Live Video Disappearing Content Interactive Content 1. Influencer Marketing Influencer marketing became one of the most effective and popular marketing tools in 2017 and looks primed to stay that way, thanks to growing numbers of Gen Z and millennial consumers who are more skeptical of traditional marketing tactics than the older generations. These young consumers, who number over 120 million in the US , look to and trust their favorite internet personalities and often buy the same things. Brands can see this and are leveraging these popular social media influencers on Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook to push their products or services to the newer generations in an authentic way. While traditional marketing methods can […]

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