Why marketing convergence is non-negotiable in a post-mobile world

Nearly half a century ago, Motorola released the first handheld mobile phone. It was a bulky predecessor to today’s sleek 4-ounce touchscreens. A game of pong on such a device was inconceivable, let alone access to the world wide web (which didn’t even exist at that time). It wasn’t until 27 years later that the first mobile ad , an SMS text, would introduce a world where people’s lives were divided into a series of micro-moments as brands set forth their influence in the mobile world. Fast-forward to 2017. Boundaries between the physical and digital realms have blurred to the point that, for many of us, there is little if any distinction between the two at all. The undeniable ubiquity of mobile devices — with Ericsson estimating there will be at least 6.8 billion smartphone users , or the majority of the world population, by 2022 — has created a perpetually connected society for which there is little need to differentiate between life online and offline. But mobile is old news. Artificial intelligence is greeting your customer with curiously accurate intel; voice search is connecting their needs with very local solutions. Extremely fast shipping (like Amazon’s same-day service), hyperlocal […]

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