11 Tactics to Power Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

Want to reach your customers and prospective customers today? They’re on their phones. With data showing we spend on average five hours total per day on our devices (up 20% from Q4 2015), we’re all on our phones, and we definitely don’t leave home without them. With all these people on devices, having a mobile marketing strategy is a given when it comes to business success. Your Customers? Apps Is Where They’re At What are people doing on those omnipresent devices? They’re using apps! Think for a minute about the apps you personally use daily and this won’t be so surprising. Take a look at the graphic from the team at Flurry, notice how Facebook dominates online attention? And when they’re not on Facebook, they’re on Spotify, Netflix, or a news site (consuming music, media, or being entertained), messaging or engaging in some other form of social media, gaming, doing something using an app (think banking, paying a utility bill, booking an appointment), or shopping. Customers on Mobile? What Tactics Should Propel Your Mobile Marketing Strategy? So, we know your customers and prospective customers are online, and also that they’re using their mobile devices for search, and that they’re […]

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