3 Mobile Branding Tips for Your Business to Consider Implementing

By now, everyone involved in any type of digital marketing knows that one of the biggest trends is the growth of mobile. As more people access the internet on smartphones and tablets, it’s essential to make your website and all of your marketing strategies mobile-centric. As someone who helps many businesses of all sizes set up profitable mobile marketing campaigns, I’m frequently asked for advice on how to use mobile to build brand awareness and get more leads and customers. One of the things I tell people is that you have to do more than simply set up a mobile-friendly website, though that’s a good first step. Think about ways to build your brand and really engage with your mobile audience. Keep in mind that the tactics for reaching a mobile audience aren’t quite the same as those you’d use for desktop users. Create Helpful Mobile Apps Apps really set mobile apart from other types of marketing. They give you a way to stay relevant in your customers’ minds. Make sure that your app actually does something useful; otherwise, after the novelty wears off, people will forget it’s there. Look at how some large brands engage people with their […]

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