7 ways marketers can increase email marketing success

There’s no magical solution to increase your email-open rate—but there are smart steps you can take. Rather, your current percentage—along with what it takes to achieve your goal—contains several factors. A recent study from Smart Insights says the average email-open rate is about 25 percent, but that varies by industry.y: Hobby emails score highest, at 28.46 percent. Daily deals and coupon emails score lowest, at 15.22 percent. E-commerce emails’ open rate is also low, at 16.75 percent. Ultimately, PR and marketing pros should focus on giving subscribers what they crave. Here are seven ways to increase your email-open rates: 1. Create excellent content. Aside from offering free stuff, you should deliver outstanding content to keep readers coming back for more. Your emails should contain three elements: Brand awareness: Informative, interesting and engaging content that boosts your brand. The more time spent reading your emails, the greater chance your readers will recognize you. Informing: Tell your subscribers what is happening in your organization or industry, which can trigger a purchase. Shareable: Readers are more likely to share excellent content, potentially boosting your subscriber list and email-open rate. Consider how many emails you send. An engaging and relevant weekly email can […]

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