Study: Mobile ad effectiveness increases 30% from prior year

Brief: Mobile ad campaigns kept growing more effective for consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands last year with improvements in return on advertising spend (ROAS), according to research from 4Info , a mobile marketing data company. ROAS measures incremental sales that can be attributed to advertising. Average ROAS surged 30% to $2.82 last year from 2015 for CPG brands that ran mobile ad campaigns, 4Info found. Top-performing campaigns produced an average ROAS of $5.32, the company said based on its study of 248 mobile campaigns among 138 brands. Mobile campaigns that include video had 19% higher ROAS than non-video campaigns. Campaigns featuring either a promotion or coupon outperformed other creative formats by as much as 80%. The best-performing categories were baby, over-the-counter medicines and health and beauty, 4Info said. Insight: 4Info, which has developed a method to track the effect of mobile ads on in-store purchases, highlights several ways that mobile ad campaigns can improve their effectiveness when comparing sales to ad spend. Ad measurement is critical, particularly in the atmosphere of distrust and lack of transparency among marketers, agencies, media platforms and trading desks. Mobile marketers also have to confront a multibillion-dollar fraud problem in the digital ad market […]

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