How Mobile Analytics Can Drive Your Overall Analytics Plan

A hybrid approach, combining mobile analytics and standard digital analytics, helps marketers decide where to focus their efforts Ask any parent, and you’ll hear plenty of stories about how time seems to fly from the day their children are born until they’re walking, talking and heading off to school. These days, the transitions taking place in mobile analytics seem to be happening with equal speed. At its inception, the measurement of mobile media was a crawl compared with other analytics processes. Its singular focus seemed to be on count metrics such as measuring the number of visits or app downloads. But as more and more people embraced mobile devices, mobile analytics went from taking those baby steps to reflecting multiple dimensions and metrics in their reporting capabilities. Measuring Dynamic Mobile Usage Today, mobile analytics have become a vital gateway for gaining insight into how well various user personas are being engaged. When marketers first began to analyze mobile engagement, they treated mobile as a channel, just as they had earlier with websites and the internet. It took beacons, apps, mobile ads and social media to show just how dynamic the potential for cross-device activity could be. Aligning Media With […]

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