Mobile Advertising- How to Use Whatsapp for Your Business Marketing?

Whatsapp Marketing Tips- How to Use Whatsapp for Business Promotion. Mobile Advertising Methods- Best Ways to use WhatsApp for Your Business Marketing and promotion? Team member: I could not make the EOD report as I just finished a meeting at client’s venue. Boss: Whatsapp me a brief and I will revert. Team Member: I have sent you a mail regarding the new corporate video we are making. Please check and advise. Boss: I don’t have an access to mail as I am traveling. Just Whatsapp me and I will check right away. Above communication suggests, Whatsapp have delved deep into not only our personal communication space but also our professional network. Whatsapp for Business marketing success Check out this article for some: Coupon Marketing Tips While many may still hood back to formal business communication methods and communicate nowhere beyond emails, the majority have broken the glass ceilings and already invaded the arena where communication is more quick, accessible and mobile. All needs are been addressed to when one thinks of an ideal medium of communication. From chat based text messaging to voice note and now calling as well. Sharing pictures, videos and other media files all at finger- […]

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