Restaurant Owners, App Use Among Foodies is Up 70 Percent

If you have a restaurant, this is one data point you can’t afford to ignore. Since 2014, food app usage among foodies has increased by around 70 percent. A Revealing Restaurant App Trend A 70 percent positive increase on any other segment of your restaurant business would be cause or excitement. And its no less the case with the unprecedented leap in the popularity of food apps. GlobalWebIndex has been conducting a survey with a base of 355,621 foodies between the ages of 16-64 from 2014 to 2017. As defined by the company in its survey, a foodie is someone that is strongly interested in food, restaurants or cooking. Since the survey started, the percentage of total foodies using apps has increased from 20 to 34 percent, and it is growing. This group is also more likely — by 25 percent — to seek out reviews when doing their research. What Does This Mean for Your Restaurant? The first obvious answer is having a mobile app will increase the visibility of your restaurant. A well designed mobile app should be available on iOS, Android, and even Windows platforms so users can invite their friends. Other must-have features include a […]

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