App Marketing Metrics for Pirates: Growth Hacking the Purchase Funnel

App Marketing Metrics for Pirates: Growth Hacking the Purchase Funnel Source: From acquiring downloads to inspiring loyalty, app marketing is one big game of getting as many customers as possible into and through your funnel. Pioneered by entrepreneur and angel investor Dave McClure, the Startup Metrics for Pirates form the foundation of how tech companies visualize the marketing funnel. Taking the first letter of each metric, AARRR, gives the iconic metric its namesake and serves as a powerful mnemonic for recalling the five metrics involved: Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral, and Revenue . A cquisition, A ctivation, R etention, R eferral, and R evenue: The Five App Marketing Metrics for Pirates Together, these five metrics make up our understanding of the marketing funnel, sometimes referred to as the mobile consumer purchase funnel . Aptly named for the diminishing number of customers in each metric tier, this funnel illustrates your marketing’s ability to convert customers and reveals any bottlenecks in the customer journey where conversion is disproportionately low. In this post, we explore each of the five tiers to the consumer purchase funnel and provide resources for measuring and growing conversion at each stage . Enjoy! Acquisition 68% of app […]

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