Digital Marketing: Five Areas of Focus

Digital marketing is constantly evolving and 2017 is another big year of expansion and maturation. You need to be on top of your game if you want break away from your competitors or take your business to the next level . Evolve or dissolve! As you read this post keep in mind that my professional experiences in digital marketing are primarily in the retail, food, health, fitness, automotive, and publishing industries… so my perspectives and priorities might be different than yours. These are 5 areas I’m focusing on for 2017: 1. Digital Marketing Expansion & Integration Businesses of all kinds have been shifting to digital marketing in droves because it’s affordable, flexible, and measurable. Overall advertising budgets in 2017 will continue to shift towards digital marketing from traditional television, radio, and printed publications. The smarter traditional media should already be integrating their advertising efforts with their digital campaigns. Every print ad should include their website, social media icons, hashtag, email newsletter, or whatever is applicable to get the most bang for their buck. I wouldn’t invest the majority of my advertising budget in traditional media, and most companies will continue shifting their perspective in that direction even more during […]

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