Goal Line: The Mobile Video Marketing Play — Part 3 of 5

Goal Line: The Mobile Video Marketing Play — Part 3 of 5 Welcome to part 3 of the mobile marketing play. In this post we will cover 2 of the 4 receivers that make a great video sales script. In the below videos we’ll be talking about your opening 11 seconds and how important your first impression is, when reaching out to a cold audience… Receiver 1 — The Hook — Touchdown Video Script Blueprint Receiver 2— The Plot — Touchdown Video Script Blueprint Video is still a very powerful medium when it comes to selling your product or service… You don’t have to physically get in front of the camera yourself. As we discussed in previous parts of this video marketing series, you can outsource the work of your video or even create animated videos… I hope that you found this post helpful. In the next post I will cover the final 2 receivers that are required to create a high converting video sales script. One we have covered these bases, we will then be able to discuss your marketing of these videos including a content marketing strategy that will help save you A LOT of time when […]

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