role of mobile apps in your online marketing

I am nomophobic. So even if it’s a distant cat meowing, or my eldest dog whining in sleep, and I am in my kitchen, painfully away from my phone, doing some odd kitchen work, I feel, my phone is crying for my company (The truth is the opposite!). Are you nomophobic? Are you like me? Well, even if you say you are not, I am not alone! Want a glee-data? 34% of mobile phone users in US answer their cell phones when they are sharing intimacy with their partners. 58% of a couple of thousand sampled people get anxious when their phones lose juice. Blahhhh!!! Terrific! Venom for one, elixir for another. Elixir for you, if you are someone banging your head as to how to reach all these nomophobic people, the world over. Or no? That depends, darling, on who your nomophobic target is. If it’s someone like, me, who likes to keep my smartphone stuck to my bosom, so that I don’t miss a message, well, you’d better get thinking twice. I hate promotion on a device that is so….oh so close to me, I literally sleep with it under my pillow. But I have a friend, […]

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