Car Dealers: Your Ultimate Guide to Online Marketing

“One in four car purchasers turns to mobile every day to research vehicles.” (1) Although this may be a surprising statistic, more mobile users than ever before are researching vehicles on the go, at work, and from the couch – right on their smartphones. During this online research phase, prospects experience several “micro moments” – mini moments in the buying cycle – that are important for every car dealership to understand in order to take advantage of. According to Google, these “micro moments” include: ‘Which car is the best’ moment ‘Is it right for me’ moment ‘Can I afford it’ moment ‘Where should I buy it’ moment ‘Am I getting a deal’ moment Google took these “moments” a step further by analysing one car buyer’s journey in their report: The Car-Buying Process: One Consumer’s 900+ Digital Interactions. The illustration below highlights the process the buyer (Stacy) went through and a few of the 900+ opportunities dealerships have to engage with potential car buyers. Let’s take a look at these five micro moments, as explained by Google. 1. The “Which Car is the Best?” Moment Six out of 10 car shoppers enter the market unsure of which car to buy. […]

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