How to Maximize Mobile Marketing’s Myriad Opportunities

When speaking at the 2013 Design, Innovate, Communicate and Entertain Summit, renowned game designer Warren Spector commented on his industry’s future by saying, “I want content that is relevant to my life, that is relevant to me.” That quote can prove applicable to numerous fields where overseers look to obtain and sustain interest in their offerings, all the while realizing the amount of effort such endeavors require. More than four years after Spector uttered that direct advice to his peers and indirect recommendation to likewise creative individuals, mobile marketing has come to count as an area where practitioners constantly need to consider the relevance of their approaches, the depth of their knowledge and the capability of their competitors to secure clicks, conversions and impressions. With smartphones and tablets accounting for, according to a 2014 comStore study, 60 percent of end-users’ digital media consumption, opportunities to become lasting presences in their lives appear endless. But the desire for distinction comes with peaks and valleys. Print+Promo pressed the right buttons to connect with John Foley Jr., president and CEO of Grow Socially and interlinkONE , Wilmington, Mass.; and Anthony Mongeluzo, president of Pro Computer Service , Moorestown, N.J., and partner with […]

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