Integrating Mobile Marketing Trends into your Marketing Strategy

We are living in a world where “Nomophobia” is a real thing. For those who don’t know about nomophobia, it’s "no-mobile-phone phobia", the irrational and intense fear of being without your mobile device. The fact that this definition even exists (and that 66% of people would consider themselves having it) goes to show that in today’s world, mobile importance cannot be underestimated. Your customers, whether they are individual consumers or businesses, are going to be finding your services through their mobile devices, so you need to make sure that your marketing strategy makes using their devices easy and enjoyable. Follow along as we dig deeper into integrating trends for a stronger mobile presence. Adapt to an Evolved Consumer Behavior I think we can all agree that consumer behavior has evolved. With the unprecedented availability of technology, how could it not? As a business, you are selling to sophisticated buyers who are doing product research before they even walk into a store. Not to say impulse buying is a thing of the past — as I look at my $20, once-used, sandwich maker — but it is not the norm anymore. In fact, more shopping is done through apps preventing […]

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